Unreserved Administration - Smart Phone & Communications Store Closure

Unreserved Online Auction - Lidcombe, NSW

In the matter of Business Connect Pty Ltd (Administrator Appointed) Formerly T/As Telstra Business Centre Hills & North West Sydney

Under instructions from Worrells Solvency + Forensic Accountants and in partnership with GraysOnline, Cardinal Asset Services will be offering the following:

+  Assorted ex-demonstration smart phones and tablet PCs - Apple iPhone, Microsoft Lumia, Sony Xperia, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy Tab 

+  Assorted used smart phones and mobile phones - Apple, Sony, Blackberry, LG and Motorola

+  130+ New smart phone retail accessory stocks for Apple and Samsung including wireless accessory kits, protective cases, screen guards, chargers, cables, speakers, power banks etc

+  New business telephones and telephone system accessories such as modem units - Ericsson LG iPECS and Telstra

+  Spare parts and used telephone handsets for business telephone systems - Panasonic, Avaya, NEC, Ericsson LG and others

+  IT equipment and point of sale systems, mostly Core i7 processors with 22" LED monitors, desktop PCs, notebook PCs, laser printers, Soniq LED television, network cabinet
+  Miscellaneous - reception furniture, office furniture, A-frame sign, 2x hot water urns, folding exhibition table, magazine stand, promotional banners, stock display panels, stock racking plus more!


Sale opens July 2017.   

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